Martina Taranto


This project aims to generate a physical environment that favours and encourages a positive psychological mindset open to socio-cultural exchange, sympathetic experiences and human bonding.

Two iterations of the object exist.

OMERO_Dialogues is an analogue 360° projector and tool for storytelling, it uses stories and a magical atmosphere to facilitate trust and break personal defences. Stories shape our lives. This project underlines the role of narration in the economy of human relationships.

OMERO_ Dialogues focuses on human interaction. It makes leverage on spacial fascinations to stimulate a dynamic human exchange of messages and information, intellectual and emotional.

The design revolves around the psychological principle of the ‘imaginative transposition’: one’s ability to project the emotional and psychological self in the events of a story and the experiences of its characters. This practice is used in psychoanalysis as an exercise to indirectly metabolise a trauma: the patient resolves his issues through facing the heroes’ challenges. Similarly, the proposed object, uses a visual language to speed up the process of emotional and psychological growth.

The use of images as communication tools make OMERO_Dialogues particularly effective on young children from 6 to 12 years old, at this age they make sense of reality through symbolisation. OMERO_ Dialogues uses physical and intellectual interaction to foster intimacy. It can be used in a private context to promote parent-child closeness or as a tool in workshops for psychological training. With basic and simple stories it can trigger hidden psychological and behavioural inclinations otherwise invisible.It provides a softer tactile experience thanks to the material choice (Ash). The child and the adult can freely move the components of the object - in this case independent elements - to actively manipulate the storytelling and the entire experience. Changing the slides they can creatively divert the course of the story, they can invent, make sense or imagine new logics.