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1989 - 09
2020 - 2022
2024 - present


2009 - 15


2015 - 2020


2022 - 2023

Artist - designer - researcher. 
Martina’s practice aims at building bridges between knowledge, human challenges and environmental causes through material practices of design.  Her approach to design is holistic and emerges from a background that combines a diverse range of disciplines and personal experiences through a process-based making experience.

Born and raised in Sicily, Martina has grown influenced by the intense presence of natural, historical, folkloristic and mystical elements. A primordial tacit culture, made of symbols, subtexts and unspoken emotions, permeated and shaped her creative sensibility and language. Recurrent in her production is the theme of locality and remoteness, the investigation of the relevance to contextualise a creative effort towards generating distinctive cultures of making and imagining alternative, more complex ways for a tolerant, trans-species coexistence on the planet.

Martina’s design language aims at generating visceral behavioural and ethical reactions on which to build more-than-human inclusive cultural codifications. Through fascinations and material narratives, to propose futures built on synergies, interactions fostered by storytelling, empathy through the dialectic of aesthetics. Passionate about investigating and envisioning a comprehensive future built on a sensible and ecological dimension of life.

Bio: Currently designer freelancer, Martina’s research focuses on regenerative material design and more-than-human design studies and practices. Master of Art from the Royal College of Art (London) in 2019 and Research Fellow at Politecnico di Milano a.a. 2022/23. Her background is in materials innovation, sustainability transition and Lo-TEK crafting.


Instagram: @martina.taranto