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  1. Stay true
  2. Stay honest
  3. Stay bright
  4. Stay young
  5. Stay fun
  6. Stay committed
  7. Stay in the now, remember the future, imagine the past
  8. Stay critical
  9. Stay independent
  10. Be free


  1. Listen
  2. Be open to what you don’t understand, you don’t trust, or you don’t believe in
  3. Don’t trust easily, don’t believe without a reason
  4. Believe, trust what you think is worthed, even if is not reasonable at all
  5. Inspire them
  6. Enlight them
  7. Disturb them
  8. Give them wonder
  9. Give them something to reflect on
  10. Touch them


  1. Design like everywhere was your home
  2. Nature is always right
  3. Remember you are a wolf
  4. Sing to the moon
  5. Synchrony – Sinergy – Togetherness
  6. Sustainability is not an approach, it is the rule
  7. Circularity is not a method, it is the way
  8. You won’t be here forever
  9. Design accordingly
  10. Design like everywhere was somewhere new


  1. Design objects that have never existed before
  2. Design them as they’ve always existed
  3. Design beautiful objects, they will be useful
  4. Design keeping in mind you could have been an engineer
  5. Design knowing you are not
  6. Design objects you trust
  7. Design them as you’ve seen them the first time in your head
  8. Design them with the same emotion in your heart
  9. Design with your gut
  10. Trust it


  1. At some point all this could sound like bullshit, and it could actually be
  2. Panta rei
  3. The only structure is chaos, embrace it
  4. Your thinking is complex, it can’t be synthesized in a manifesto
  5. Complexity is simple
  6. Everything is relative
  7. This is a dream
  8. Nothing is absolute. Not god, not even what you think
  9. Definitely not this manifesto
  10. In fact, this manifesto doesn’t mean anything at all.