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“Room On The Roof is an artist workspace and innovation testbed in the tower above the Amsterdam de Bijenkorf store. This aerial studio in the heart of the city is a place for reflection and platform for fresh ideas – the work must spark delight or debate. De Bijenkorf invites in local and international artists, writers, musicians, architects and designers to create new work inspired by important themes; from sustainable fashion to 100 years of Bauhaus to men’s mental health. The work is presented across store windows, on the shop floor and in unexpected ways.”

Room on the Roof and De Bijenkorf invited me to create an installation in occasion of the store’s campaign ‘The Future is Green’.

TOGETHERTWENTYTWENTY was longlisted for the Dezeen Award 2020 in the ‘Installation’ category among +4300 entries ♡


‘Together TwentyTwenty’ tries to picture the change - from our current reality, petrified in its inert processes – into a dynamic world made of living cycles.
For our future to be green now : mutated objects, mutated behaviours - logics - processes - economies. Mutated minds. Mutated hearts.

Together TwentyTwenty is an installation that creates a bridge between human and natural realities. The pieces exhibited were made using de Bijenkorf’s waste material, like bags and paper boxes left over from packagings. The store and I were both interested in the power of the story we could tell through this process and the impact it could have on it’s customers’ ethics and sensibility.

This body of work wants to stress the importance of togetherness. We - humans- have grown into cultures and societies more and more distant from natural customs of life. Together TwentyTwenty bring the focus on our present and the need to really remember how to harmoniously coexist with the ecosystem we were born into.

It’s time we drive our existence into being much more a dialogue with Nature than a user experience.

• Photographs by Ewout Huijbert.

- 10th Feb 2020 -

- 3rd Mar 2020 -


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Room on the Roof Martina Taranto ‘TogetherTwentyTwenty’