Martina Taranto


Sanitized is a creative platform. A place to share thoughts, hopes, dreams.

We learned how to sanitize our hands, but we realised that a lot of other things needed to be ‘sanitized’. How can we ‘sanitize’ our world from economic, political, cultural, ethical, emotional pathogens? What can we say to change things? What can we do? What role can we have?

In the middle of the pandemic, in a moment of helplessness, I was driven by the physical need to take action. I observed a diffused frustration, quite consistent in its expression among all the people that I know around the world.

Suddenly, every person in the world was psychoanalysing her/him- self. Everyone had time to think, time to feel, time to realise, time to feel the urgency for a change in their lives, to take action despite the confinement...because of it. In the middle of a pandemic, to act is literally the only thing you must not do, and when such an instinctual need is repressed is when humans must recur to their most ancient tools to determine themselves: languages. Signs, visual signs, auditory signs, words, images, music.

The idea of a platform, a non-physical space where very tangible issues could be explored, shared, emphasized and addressed came around at the beginning of March, the first of what would have been a four-months quarantine.

SANITIZED collects ideas, reflections, rational and instinctual responses to a crisis that is, quite evidently, far beyond than exclusively sanitary. A crisis of identity, of purpose, of ethics.

On SANITISED it’s possible to read novels, essays, invectives, poetry, dissertations, fragments, fairy enjoy illustrations, design pieces, music, art in different forms. Our creatives, using their favourite language, contribute in building a new subculture whose purpose is to give voice to sentiments and mindsets left behind by those steady, but obsolete human structures, that have defined our society so far.

The people involved in SANITIZED believe in ecology, equality, solidarity, empathy, humanity, freedom at all costs.

The compositions of all our creatives are promoted on the dedicated Instagram profile, and shared, in their full versions, on our official website:
(We didn’t want to put a length limit on anyone’s words, so a more flexible space, like a website, was needed to publish longer or more articulated projects.)

The project intercepts a space of collision between the arts, journalism, and literature.

Not clean, sanitized. It’s specified in our Manifesto. To sanitize means to clean deeper, on a microscopic level, to make something completely free from what is harmful and offensive – dangerous.