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Breathe. Now. Wherever you are.

The air that you breathe is yours only, the ground where you stand yours only, the space that your body fills yours only. Our presence in the present is very fragile, and sometimes really perceptible only for a few instants. With our minds in many places at the same time, our bodies only exist where the feet touch the ground. Every life is autoctona.

for Cluster Craft.

‘LifeAutoctona’ is a commissioned sculptural application of ‘Viral Nature’ for the CLUSTER CRAFTS 2020/21 curated exhibition, now digital and printed due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

LifeAutoctona addresses the theme ‘Soil’, one of the three themes identified by the curators of the show to talk about different kinds of materiality and human interaction with the matter.

- October 2020 -

- May 2021 -

• Pictures of LifeAutoctona 7 months after the making, showing signs of healty vegetation, and flowers of ‘Centaurea Cyanus Blue Boy‘ blooming.


CLUSTER CRAFT - JOURNAL Martina Taranto & Fabrizia Fantini. Fertile materials that play host to life.