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LEROY MERLIN - circular challenge

Today Leroy Merlin offers products which imitates real green having a negative impact on the environment. This is a paradox. The intent of this project in collaboration with Poli-Design is to move from the actual materials used for vertical greenery (i.e. PE) to produce the same products in a more sustainable way, reducing the Carbon footprint by introducing new products' composition and sustainable raw materials.Also, a new User Experience is promoted through fostering buying, using and disposing products in a circular way.


For this project, research content was produced and supporting the development of the ‘Passion in Action’ workshops. Co-tutoring the ‘Passion in Action’ workshop’s activities to master’s degree students in Design & Engineering, Digital and Interaction Design, and Communication Design aiming at proposing new concepts of ‘artificial green’ towards more sustainable solutions to the current retailed products.