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“ Over the summer of 2018, #OneLess tasked a group of designers and innovators with imagining how London can become free of plastic bottled water and embrace refilling instead. The creatives worked alongside innovation and plastic experts, responding to a set of challenges put forward by venues, retailers, events and places in London, which are struggling to go plastic-bottled water free.”

from onelessbottle.org

A Transparent Revolution is an awareness campaign and exhibition designed during the Design Fellowship at #OneLess, an initiative led by Forum for the Future that aims to make London become free of plastic bottled water and embrace refilling instead. The project was also envisioned in response to the Brompton Design District’s theme Material Consequences, curated by Jane Withers in occasion of the London Design Festival 2018.

Through objects, posters and graphics we wanted to create powerful stories to provoke a conversation over the benefits of drinking tap water and a debate around the production and the disposal of single-use plastic bottles. Overall, A Transparent Revolution aims to make the audience aware that, starting from their personal actions and choices, a future where plastic is not our greatest fear is possible.

This was a group project made in team with Ambra Dentella and Heleen Sintobin designed for #Oneless fellowship 2018.

What future are we aiming for?

Walking around the shores of the Thames, the teammates realised how much plastic ends up in nature rather than in the proper facilities to then be recycled. It is fascinating, and at the same time terrifying, how nature can adapt to incoming situations, and engulf polymers in its own body. We wanted to trigger a conversation materialising a future where people will just have access to resources contaminated by plastic.

During London Design Festival 2018, the team exhibited for the #oneless fellowship an array of artefacts related to water, which focus the attention on the human factor from the perspective of an individual consumer. 


• Photos taken by me on the Sicilian beaches of Macari. Organic and plastic fossils.